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The Rates Filing Search engine will allow you to search for Comprehensive Major Medical rate filings. You will be able to select a specific company which will do a search and return all companies that are also affiliated with that company, with an additional option to continue to filter down to view only filings for each company individually on the next page. Or you may enter the SERFF Tracking Number to select a particular filing.

Please be aware that the common name of a company is not always the same as the name under which they are licensed in Colorado. For example, Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company is identified in the database as Rocky Mountain Hospital and Medical Service, Inc. and as Unicare Life and Health Insurance Company.

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Individual: This type of coverage is purchased on the private market by a single person for themselves or their families. This coverage can cover more than one person (i.e. the entire immediate family) and is not "just for one person" as some people commonly mistake the "individual" in "individual health insurance" to mean.

Group Insurance: This type of coverage is designed specifically for companies to buy for their employees. These plans can be purchased on the open market just like individual coverage (by the employer and not the employee) or they can be a self-insured plan set up by the company (typically seen with larger companies) or a combination of the two (i.e. self-insured up to a certain limit and then 3rd party catastrophic coverage kicks in for any very large bills incurred by employees).

Large Group: Large Group insurance usually refers to the coverage provided for a large business with 51 or more employees who are eligible for employee benefits. Large Groups also include; associations, blanket groups, and discretionary groups.

Small Group: Small Group insurance usually refers to the coverage provided for a small business with anywhere between 1 to 50 employees.

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